I am a Software Test Engineer in Digital Signal Processing (audio processing) at Sonos, Inc, where I focus on the intersection of software test automation and digital signal processing (for audio) to assure software quality in audio applications. Prior to working at Sonos, I was the acoustics algorithms engineer (I don’t know who came up with that title; I wrote audio DSP code in C on an ARM chip and developed audio DSP algorithms in MATLAB) for the Here Active Listening System, an wireless augmented reality earbud system, at Doppler Labs, Inc. I hold the Ph.D and M.S. degrees in Architectural Sciences from the Program in Architectural Acoustics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and an A.B. degree in Physics from Vassar College.

From time to time (ok, about once annually), I release music on the web, mostly synthesized and sampled rock music with some electronic elements, under my own name, some of it under the moniker Panthyon & Thee Ark (the first album Dreamboat features a full band, subsequent releases are all digitally constructed solo albums). My most recent album, Bad Pantomime, was composed using Ableton Live 9 and Native Instruments Komplete 10, playing and processing electric guitar plugged into a USB interface, voice recorded through a microphone, and a MIDI keyboard controller.

This is me in my tiny apartment in Cambridge, MA where all the music-making happens: